Stopping My “First Steps” Stress

Over the past few weeks, many of my Facebook friends with bambinos born around the same time as Paddy have been heralding their baby’s first steps.  I’m so happy to read about their baby’s big milestone being met.  Really I am!  But it sets off the following inner dialogue that repeats much like the “wash, rinse, repeat” instructions on the back of my shampoo bottle.

Every baby starts walking at a different age.

Some babies are early walkers, some babies are late walkers.

Paddy is only 12 months and two weeks old – 10 months and two weeks uncorrected.  He is still young.

Just because Paddy is not walking yet does not mean he has Charcot-Marie-Tooth.

Just because Paddy is not walking yet does not mean he has Charcot-Marie-Tooth.

Hey you!  Self.  Yah you.  Are you listening?  Just because Paddy is not walking yet does not mean he has Charcot-Marie-Tooth.  Now go play with your kids and J./check out reruns of “The Office” and turn your brain off.



8 comments on “Stopping My “First Steps” Stress

  1. on August 9, 2012

    My first born did not walk until 14 months. Mainly because she was such a wicked-fast crawler that she didn’t see the need to bother…
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    • natteringnic
      on August 9, 2012
      natteringnic says:

      Hmmm…my Paddy is a wicked-fast crawler. (Which is a problem because I’m not a wicked fast walker). Thanks for stopping by – and the reassurance. *grin*

  2. on August 1, 2012
    Esther says:

    Its funny Shaina didnt walk until she was 16 months old and YY started walking at 13 months yet here we are a few years later and he has more feet issues than she does. Dont stress just take one day at a time.

  3. on July 31, 2012
    allison says:

    They can’t test him already? How agonizing for you! But yes – neither of my kids walked until about a year and a half. And they were just lazy. :)
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    • natteringnic
      on July 31, 2012
      natteringnic says:

      They can but if he tests positive there are huge insurance ramifications. CMT can be a-symptomatic so I would hate for him to have this diagnosis “on the record” and be penalized when it came time to apply for life/mortgage insurance even though he has no actual physical limitations. Thank you muchly for the reassurance! I need it. :)

  4. on July 31, 2012

    I totally get that! However, my first son didn’t walk until he was 17 months, and he doesn’t have CMT. Both of my daughters were 14 months before they walked, and only one of them has CMT. I guess that’s why I’m such a stickler about getting all of them tested when they’re babies….I don’t want to wonder! Try not to worry too much! All babies, with or without CMT, walk at different times. (But you already know that! LOL)

    • natteringnic
      on July 31, 2012
      natteringnic says:

      As much as I want to know, I don’t want them to be “on the record” as having CMT unless they are symptomatic. Simply for insurance reasons. (I pay A LOT more for life/mortgage insurance than J.) Thank you for the reassurance…yes…babies walk at different times! (repeat this X 100) :)

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