Chatting about Pud’s CMT

I like to talk. I’m a talker. I can talk to anyone at anytime about anything.

My favourite part of the day is walking The Pud to school. It’s a short 5 minute stroll but it gives me 5 whole minutes where it is just the two of us chatting. (Pud is also a talker. Just another thing he inherited from me.)

When we arrive at school, Pud joins his friends and I join the Mommy circle gathered just outside the playground. Mommy circle is great because it gives me the opportunity to meet other Moms from the neighbourhood. And to talk. Because did I mention I’m a talker? I’m starting to place Mommy with child and getting a solid idea of who Pud’s friends are. (Although in Kindergarten, everyone is friends with everyone. Why can’t adult life be like kindergarten?)

Today we looked out at our kids who were playing tag. Pud is the slowest of the bunch. He is also one of the most enthusiastic. He trips a few times and recovers. I catch a few Moms watching our Pud.

Do I tell them about Pud’s CMT?

J. and I have found ourselves having many debates about who to tell/who to not tell about Pud’s CMT.

My immediate thought it to tell anyone we encounter about CMT. Why not, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Just because it is semi-visible, doesn’t mean we should hide it. And I’m forever lamenting that we have one of the most common neurological disorders yet no one has ever heard of it.

But then I stop myself. The question needs to be asked: “How will this person knowing about Pud’s CMT help The Pud?” Teachers and caregivers are no brainers. They need to know about Pud’s CMT to keep him safe and to join J. and me in observing his tendencies to see if there is exasperation in symptoms.

Do the all the Moms in his class need to know? As soon as I tell them, Pud’s “Just another kid” persona is blown. He immediately becomes different. Like really different. Not just “Kid in the class who eats paste” different. He becomes the kid with the disorder with the long name. How will they explain Pud’s CMT to their kids? Will they blow it out of proportion? Will they underplay it? Will they discourage their kid from playing with The Pud because they are afraid of their kid chumming with a kid with a disability? Probably not…but maybe?

Does the Mommy circle knowing about Pud’s CMT help him? Right now, no. We’re all still in the “getting to know eachother”stage. But if the kids start asking questions prompting the Moms to ask me questions…then you betcha. By then they should know “The Pud” as “The Pud” and his CMT will be just another dimension of who he is. I just hope the coffee they are sipping that morning is large one. Because I like to talk. A lot.

4 comments on “Chatting about Pud’s CMT

  1. on November 6, 2010
    Sarah says:

    You should ask your mom… obviously she had previously gone through this with you. I bet she has many good words of wisdom for you on the topic!

  2. on November 5, 2010
    Michele says:

    I like to talk. A lot. TOO. LOL. I think that's why we love blogging. I think you guys are handling all CMT/Pud situations great :)
    Btw – where did “Pud” come from?

  3. on November 5, 2010
    michelle says:

    Yep, I agree with the above comment. No need to over-share – if they askk, of course fill them in, but really, who would have the nerve to say to a mother, “Hey, why is your kid so clumsy?”

    In the end, whatever you decide will be the right thing – you've managed to make great decisions for him so far, and he's a kind, thoughful kid who doesn't let the occassional trip-and-fall dampen his enthusiasm!

  4. on November 4, 2010
    elibap says:

    i would not tell random people, thats just me. if it comes up, they will probably ask you. until then, keep him 'one of the group' for as long as you can. Kids don't discriminate and notice things as much as adults. Tripping here or there just makes a kid clumsy not 'different enough to ask whats up with him?' But thats just me and how I feel about it and my kids are still to young for any of this stuff.

    I love how you write, btw.

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