Charcot-Marie-Tooth Vlog #1: Running

My experience doing MamaKat’s Vlog last week gave me a lightbulb moment.

Vlogging will allow me to share my CMT experience in a way that words and photos cannot.

It is great because it will illustrate better how CMT affects ME and give my fellow CMTers a better idea of what my precise challenges are and how it relates to theirs.

My first topic?   Running with CMT.

Running is always the first thing that comes to mind when people ask me how CMT affects me.  As a kid, there is nothing I wished for more than the ability to run.  Every spring we had to run around the track behind the school.  It was mortifying.  I was always last.  And not just a little last…but dead last.  I would get knots in my stomach every time the teacher would shout out”OK everyone, let’s go to the track.”  I cried many tears because I just could. not. get.

As a Mom, my inability to run is a safety concern.  I can’t chase a kid who darts off the front lawn into the street.  From the time Pud was an infant, we would tell him “Mommy can’t run.”  We are doing the same for Paddy.

So here it is:  My first CMT Vlog about CMT and running.  (And please…be gentle.  I’m still breastfeeding and I’m the body type that holds onto weight while still making milk…ack!  Oh – and The Pud is recording so excuse the shaky camera work.)

Charcot-Marie-Tooth, Running and Me

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Pic courtesy of kevinrosseel at Morguefile

5 comments on “Charcot-Marie-Tooth Vlog #1: Running

  1. on August 1, 2012
    Christie says:

    Love the Vlogs! Also love Puddy’s camara skills- pretty good for the little man!

    • natteringnic
      on August 2, 2012
      natteringnic says:

      Haha! You should have saw the look on his face…he thought I was nuts! :)

  2. natteringnic
    on July 24, 2012
    natteringnic says:

    @MichelleYes…could never keep up with a toddler. Ack!
    @Esther.Ahhh…now I worry that when you think of me all you hear is my shrill voice and picture me and my chubby thighs in soccer shorts! Glad the kids thought the Vlog was fun! :)

  3. on July 23, 2012
    Esther says:

    My kids really enjoyed that :) . Apparently CMTers trying to run are quite the entertainment….

    Your run is not that awful but yeah, not real running either. I find I can ‘run’ for a few seconds and than need to stop. We are like a bunch of ducks.

    So nice to see you taping yourself. I feel like I know you even better now that I’ve seen you talk and heard your voice :) .

  4. on July 16, 2012
    michelle says:

    I dunno….it looked like running to me. Kind of…it was runningesque. But, yes – you’d never catch a fleeing toddler.

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