The Smartphone and Cheese-In-A-Can Equation

  I have an addictive personality. Tuesday night Pud and J. introduced me to the game “Ticket to Ride.” Pud got the board game version for Christmas but J. has been playing it on my iPad since August. By Friday I had beaten J.’s highest […]

Typical Saturday Morning

I’m awake. Never fails.  A Saturday when I have a jam packed day of errands, meet-ups and grandiose supper plans, my body wakes me up at 5:30AM.  Adrenaline?  Nerves?  Who knows.  But it is freakin’ annoying. I’m just going to lay here and enjoy the […]

Thank You Notes – a la Jimmy Fallon. A Vlog

MamaKat has issued another Vlog challenge and this one I could not wait to take a bite out of. Prompt #5: 5.) Who do you have to thank? Following Jimmy Fallon’s famous thank you note writing style, write or vlog a list of 10 thank […]

To Me It May Concern;

For my birthday I want the ability to time travel.  But since you can’t buy that off Craigslist…yet…I’ll put on my imagination hat and pretend.  If every birthday “Future Me” could give “Current Me” advice for the year(s) ahead, I would tell myself: August 15, […]

Stuck in a Music Rut: An Update

Actual convo today with J. J. Whatcha doing? Me: Putting new music on my iPod. J.: New music? Like “new” music or music that’s new to you? Me: Relatively new music. J.: So music that has never been available for purchase in cassette form? A […]

Chatty Nicky: You don’t even have to pull my string

MamaKat asked “Hey Nic…what is one thing you would change about yourself?”  (OK so she didn’t ask me directly but one could surmise that if she had the ability to contact each and every one of her blog followers she would have totally asked each […]

My bathing suit style

OK.  So I’ve taken up the challenge issued by MamaKat. I’ve made my first Vlog.  (Vlog is a gross sounding word, doncha think? Say it aloud: “V-LOG”.) Now here’s the thing: its only 60 seconds long.  That is as much time as my camera allows […]

The Naming of *Beep*

  Tonight we were enjoying our normal evening routine (J. doing Pud’s leg stretches while we all watched “The Big Bang Theory”) when the phone rang. It was Craf-T. She and her hubby had been reading my latest blog post and had one question: What […]

I am rubber and you are glue…

June 28, 2012 by snicker 2 Comments

    My crushing on MamaKat’s writing memes continues.  This week I chose “What do childhood rhymes even mean? Write something that includes a rhyme you used to sing or say when you were a child.” “I am rubber and you are glue.  Whatever you […]

Cookoo Baby Bananas

Last week, while watching The Pud at his swimming lesson, I turned to J. and said “Maybe it would be fun to have a third.” J. looked at me like I was Mork from Ork. I elaborated. “It was just so much fun being pregnant.  […]

Pinterest got Mama drunk…on a Sunday night

I love Pinterest.  I have no idea how I entertained before it.  No wait – I do.  In the summer we served burgers and hotdogs and in the winter I either made my famous (in my own mind) seafood chowder or had J. made the […]