CMT sucks, my hands smell great and I’m off English Muffins

I realized that I haven’t updated my blog in 72 days. 72 days – the length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to “The Hump.” I’m taking this as a sign. I mean ‘c’mon…how often does one’s blog lapse synch up to a celebrity marriage? Over the […]

Simple Spring Shoe Shopping…Shocking!

Soooo…have I mentioned I hate shoe shopping? (Totally rhetorical…I sometimes think the name of this blog should be “I Hate Shoe Shopping” as it seems to be a consistent theme.) As happy as I was to see the snow melt, I realized that it meant […]

Bringing our kids to the music

“Don’t live your life around the kids – make the kids part of your life.” My hair dude have me this piece of advice when I was pregnant with The Pud. Best piece of parenting advice we’re received. Pud has been everywhere – museums, NHL […]


Everybody Poops – AKA, My Colonoscopy

In Ontario, the third Monday is designated as “Family Day.” A day dedicated to spending a winter’s day enjoying the people we love the most. Yesterday, I spent preparing for a colonoscopy…because two of the people I love (my Mom and my late Nanny) were […]

Positivity is not about being soft, It’s about being smart

  “…positivity is not about being soft, It’s about being smart.” I love this line.  (And not just because the remix of NKOTB’s “Games” was so badass it blew my 14 year old brain the first time I saw the video on Muchmusic’s Coca-Cola countdown.) […]

Zestiest, creamiest, and easiest munchie dip ever!

This is the zestiest, creamiest and – most importantly – easiest dip in the universe. Over the years it has become my trademark “fun dish” I bring to any potluck, hockey night or party. I am often asked for the recipe and no one believes […]

CMT Tricks for CMT Month

My Charcot-Marie-Tooth symptoms have been present since toddlerhood. Therefore, I have instinctively developed little “tricks” in my daily life to cope with my limitations. When my CMT Clicks buds and I discussed writing about our little coping mechanisms, it forced me to take a real […]

The. Door. Is. Locked.

The-door-is-locked.   The-door-is-LOCKED.  The-DOOR-IS-locked.  I’ll repeat this phrase, outloud, over and over as I tug on the stationary door handle.   I will pull until my arm is tired and my palm red.  (That’s what he said!) When leaving the house I must ensure that the door […]

The Cosmetics Conundrum (AKA I Miss the Avon Lady)

You know who I miss? I miss the Avon Lady. Over the years, my Mom had a few Avon ladies. They were always lovely older women with immaculate grey hair who smelled of either jasmine or lavender. I would always make a point of walking […]

To Me It May Concern;

For my birthday I want the ability to time travel.  But since you can’t buy that off Craigslist…yet…I’ll put on my imagination hat and pretend.  If every birthday “Future Me” could give “Current Me” advice for the year(s) ahead, I would tell myself: August 15, […]

Vlog: Balancing Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Sleep with Newborn Pud’s Needs

Let me preface this post by saying that this is what worked for us and The Pud.  Trust me when I tell you, every kid is different!  (Paddy was the total opposite.  He loved to eat, gained weight easily and didn’t need that insane “every […]

Vlog: Wielding a knife, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Style

The hand tremors that affect us CMTers can tricky to deal with – particularly when it comes to food preparation. Here’s a little Vlog where I demonstrate two little foodie “Nic Tricks”.   [kaltura-widget uiconfid="535" entryid="1_6zadig7k" width="400" height="330" addpermission="" editpermission="" /]