CMT sucks, my hands smell great and I’m off English Muffins

I realized that I haven’t updated my blog in 72 days. 72 days – the length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to “The Hump.” I’m taking this as a sign. I mean ‘c’mon…how often does one’s blog lapse synch up to a celebrity marriage? Over the […]


The Pud, His Nanny and My Memories

The hardest part about death is the realization that you are never, ever, ever going to see that person again. With each day, the gulf between your time together and “now” gets wider. My Mom and Pud were tight. Pud loved sleeping over at my […]



Kid me never did anything she would have considered dangerous, edgy or wrong.  Kid-Nic played by the rules, at all times. When I was 13, I had a bunch of friends over for a sleepover.  It was your typical sleepover…we gorged ourselves on 2-for-1 pizza […]

Simple Spring Shoe Shopping…Shocking!

Soooo…have I mentioned I hate shoe shopping? (Totally rhetorical…I sometimes think the name of this blog should be “I Hate Shoe Shopping” as it seems to be a consistent theme.) As happy as I was to see the snow melt, I realized that it meant […]

The Ring

  J. and I were practically kids when we got married.  I was 24, he was 23.  We were fresh out of university and living in a zero-room apartment.  Even though we knew we wanted kids, having them seemed to be in a time far, […]

Bringing our kids to the music

“Don’t live your life around the kids – make the kids part of your life.” My hair dude have me this piece of advice when I was pregnant with The Pud. Best piece of parenting advice we’re received. Pud has been everywhere – museums, NHL […]


Everybody Poops – AKA, My Colonoscopy

In Ontario, the third Monday is designated as “Family Day.” A day dedicated to spending a winter’s day enjoying the people we love the most. Yesterday, I spent preparing for a colonoscopy…because two of the people I love (my Mom and my late Nanny) were […]

Gross Love

  You know that scene where Demi Moore is at the pottery wheel making a bowl and Patrick Swayze comes up behind her and puts his hands on hers? Yah? Well, of course you do…that scene is epic in the Rom-Com world. (And if you […]

Frozen By Fear

  I can’t skate. It is not for lack of trying. When I was 8 and Craf-T was 6, my parents signed us up for skating lessons. Craf-T was quickly gliding across the ice while I still clung to the boards. At the conclusion of […]

My Faves of 2012

  2013! Mmmm…I love the fresh, unblemished feeling that comes with a new year! MamaKat (my fave Writer’s Workshop BTW) has prompted us to complete the “Faves of 2012″ template from the Momsmack. As I love filling out questionnaires (seriously…need a census filled out?  I’m your […]

The Smartphone and Cheese-In-A-Can Equation

  I have an addictive personality. Tuesday night Pud and J. introduced me to the game “Ticket to Ride.” Pud got the board game version for Christmas but J. has been playing it on my iPad since August. By Friday I had beaten J.’s highest […]

Typical Saturday Morning

I’m awake. Never fails.  A Saturday when I have a jam packed day of errands, meet-ups and grandiose supper plans, my body wakes me up at 5:30AM.  Adrenaline?  Nerves?  Who knows.  But it is freakin’ annoying. I’m just going to lay here and enjoy the […]