The Smartphone and Cheese-In-A-Can Equation

  I have an addictive personality. Tuesday night Pud and J. introduced me to the game “Ticket to Ride.” Pud got the board game version for Christmas but J. has been playing it on my iPad since August. By Friday I had beaten J.’s highest […]

I’m Dreaming…Of A Black Friday…

Don’t get me wrong.  I love being a Canadian.  I dig living in a country where you can marry your same-sex spouse,  celebrate with a snack of poutine and then head off to the ER where you can have a heart attack and not worry […]

The. Door. Is. Locked.

The-door-is-locked.   The-door-is-LOCKED.  The-DOOR-IS-locked.  I’ll repeat this phrase, outloud, over and over as I tug on the stationary door handle.   I will pull until my arm is tired and my palm red.  (That’s what he said!) When leaving the house I must ensure that the door […]

Knit-cap No-No!

MamaKat’s writing prompt for this week is to share one a fashion mistake. Oh dear.  So many to choose from. My hair alone could be a blog series.  “The Rat-Tail Hi-jinx”, “The Perming of the Mullet”, “Confessions of the Duggar-Do.”  (You know, the crunchy n’ […]

“The Games Being Held in London” Vortex

    The Games Being Held in London are on! (You know, the ones that happen every four years that have a name starting with an “O”.  But that “O” name is so tightly trademarked, I’m afraid to use it on my little blog for […]

Hello. *taps computer screen*. Hello…am I the only one who…

July 11, 2012 by Cr-aZy No Comments

Am I the only one who… …can’t help but look in curbside recycling bins just to see what products people are buying? …PVRs the 10AM and 10:30AM airings of The Cosby Show on TBS? …brushes their teeth within the first 90 seconds of waking up? […]

Gather ’round kids – it is time for “Auntie Nic does Art”

July 9, 2012 by Cr-aZy, Craf-T, Nic Tricks 1 Comment

I’m babysitting my gorgeous niece E.J.  E.J. is a lucky girl because Craf-T is her Mommy.  E.J.’s life is filled with colouring, crafting and cartooning. I am not crafty.  Or arty.  In can draw two things: The Water Cycle and a pig. E.J. was sitting […]

Manic Monday

It is a drab, cold, drizzly morning.  We spent the weekend purging the house of clutter and I’m tired.  My  sense of accomplishment (the garage has 8 bags of junk waiting for Garbage Day) is dulled by the reality that our weekend was spent in […]

Stop the Milquetoast.

June 21, 2012 by Cr-aZy 3 Comments

  “Milquetoast”. Can we all please stop using the noun “milquetoast”? It has recently gained popularity.  Apparently someone cracked a thesaurus, dusted off “milquetoast” and it has spread like syphilis during Frosh week. I hate it. Every-single-time I hear it I picture a piece of […]

Cookoo Baby Bananas

Last week, while watching The Pud at his swimming lesson, I turned to J. and said “Maybe it would be fun to have a third.” J. looked at me like I was Mork from Ork. I elaborated. “It was just so much fun being pregnant.  […]

Stuck in a music rut

  J. is a music geek/lover.  As I type away on our desktop, at my feet are two external hard drives chock full of music.  I have no idea what we own.  Our iTunes library intimidates me.  When J. and I started living together in […]

Pinterest got Mama drunk…on a Sunday night

I love Pinterest.  I have no idea how I entertained before it.  No wait – I do.  In the summer we served burgers and hotdogs and in the winter I either made my famous (in my own mind) seafood chowder or had J. made the […]